Our History

BUSA Africa is an independent registered non-government and non-profit civil society organization based at Soweto, Johannesburg. BUSA Africa’s prime motto is a holistic approach to learning.

In 2018 a group of intellectual, dynamic and like-minded youth working in different development sectors, got together to establish an organization, for addressing the most urgent and pressing needs of the people of South Africa and also Africa at large. True to this spirit the organization was named BUSA Africa.

Considering their association with the development sector the group was cognizant of the number of problems plaguing the nation. Consequently, the organization’s focus was not kept limited either in in terms of geography or sector. Whilst operating in different districts of the province (Gauteng) of which Soweto has been one the main focus , BUSA Africa has been carrying a range of interventions in the areas of education, health & emotional intelligence, youth & women empowerment.

The type of activities undertaken by the organization range from capacity building to service delivery, with focus remaining on the deprived and marginalized segments of the society. Whereas in terms of operations what characterizes BUSA Africa functioning are its efforts to (a) introduce a different perspective towards learning; and (b) encourage wellness as a whole.

Although a somewhat new entry in the development arena, BUSA Africa – owing to the linkages of its members with entities and organisations that share the same vision as BUSA Africa, such as KYP (Kliptown Youth Program), Sedibeng sa Bophelo, GDE (Gauteng Dept. of Education,D14) Corna Sotra and many others .


MoAfrika Itlhokomele


This is one of the most extra-ordinary organizations in our community, MoAfrika Itlhokomele has a lot of crime and abuse awareness and most importantly the courses on ICT (information communication and technology). They empowered a lot of people including us as an organization in helping us grow through their experiences.

Sedibeng sa Bophelo


Sedibeng sa Bophelo is an OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children organization that focuses on feeding schemes and PLWHIV&AIDS (People Living With HIV & AIDS. We as individuals have volunteered at the organization for years and now we have a strong relationship and now working together.

Namba Namba

Personal Development

One of the most amazing private companies aroound is Namba Namba. We have been working with Namba Namba some time before our organization was registered, and we have learned a great deal from them. They have brought experience, mentorship and support.

Corna Sotra Lifestyle


CSL (Corna Sotra Lifestyle) has always been a part of BUSA Africa. We work together in almost all of our projects, because of our common goal in empowerement and awareness.

Our Mission

The mission of BUSA Africa is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.

Support Us

Help us build united, peaceful and successful communities by considering a donation of any resource we can use.

We Need Volunteers

The demand for aid is more than we can supply, we therefore appreciate benevolence from anyone who can volunteer.