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Who Are We?

BUSA Africa offers a holistic approach to learning in our community, through life coaching, personal development and health & fitness.

A holistic approach to learning, through breaking learning barriers.

Our Mission

The mission of BUSA Africa is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.

Support Us

Help us build united, peaceful and successful communities by considering a donation of any resource we can use.

We Need Volunteers

The demand for aid is more than we can supply, we therefore appreciate benevolence from anyone who can volunteer.

Latest Projects

BUSA Africa has engaged in a number of projects, especially in schools. We have put our focus in education and discipline

Latest News

Life coaching in the foundation level

We have introduced life coaching in primary schools, from the 4th grade upward. BUSA Africa has identified and initiated the life coaching programme in several schools, in the township of Soweto. We took advantage of the porosity of the child's brain, and how it acts as a sponge when fed information and exposed to certain subjects, objects and environment.

We introduce goal setting, growth mindset, positive thinking and many more topics from a life coaching and personal development perspective. It will greatly assist them in understanding themselves and establishing their paths in life, from a very early age.

Catch-up with the latest industrial revolution

The times are moving and changing fast together with all markets and industrial implementations. This implies that companies and persons are continuously employing the current and more convenient technology to increase production efficiency. We therefore acknowledge the fact that people need to also upgrade and equip themselves with the relevant skills that are required in the current industrial revolution to avoid job loses. BUSA Africa has been developing a programme on introducing programming and robotics in the elementary schools that we work with. This will allow the kids to grow up with a proper understanding of problem solving skills and strategic thinking. We push for our township communities to be in line with the current artificial intelligence technology.

Extra curricular activities at schools and in the communities

The founders and some of the volunteers of BUSA Africa Africa has worked with private schools and understand the system put in place for private institutions. One of the major contributions towards best performances academically in the private institutions is the extra curricular activities present in the curriculum, which is responsible for out-of-the-box thinking. BUSA Africa has therefore deemed it necessary for the extra curricular activities to be introduced in our local township schools.

Activities include:

  • Chess
  • Maths and science challenge
  • Spelling bee
  • Reading and book clubs
  • School magazine and news paper
  • Art (music, drama, painting, etc...)
  • And many more...

About Us

BUSA Africa is an independent registered non-government and non-profit civil society organization based at Soweto, Johannesburg. BUSA Africa’s prime motto is a holistic approach to learning.

Law under Organization has registered: Registered with Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) under the registration No 2018/552622/08 dated 22nd October, 2018.

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